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NCR Silver Pro iPad POS System

NCR Silver Pro Is The New Standard In iPad POS Systems

Would you like to access your restaurant’s business metrics and reports securely in real-time, from any web browser?

How about being able to step outside your business’s doors but still have access to the key data that you need to know?

Pulse Real Time

When you are not in your restaurant do you wish you could access real time sales information no matter where you were?

Would you like to know when a large Comp or Void took place immediately when it happened?

Would it help your staffing decisions if you could see a forecast of sales based on your previous sales trends?

Aloha Online Ordering

Would you like to increase your restaurant sales without increasing the size of your restaurant?

Would you like to lower your labor costs by providing your guests the ability to place and pay for their take out and delivery orders?

Would you like to have your business in front of every person that owns a computer?

Aloha Restaurant Guard

Do you have an easy way to rank your staff based on their performance to determine the top producers?

Do you currently spend time looking through your POS reports to see if there were any unauthorized activities taking place?

Would you like to have your POS system alert you if any employee activity matched a potential fraud or scam pattern?

Aloha Kitchen

Would faster ticket times in the kitchen improve guest satisfaction and increase sales?

Would it help production if cooks didn’t need to review all tickets for key items needing to be started?

Have you ever lost a kitchen ticket on a busy night?

Orderman Hand Held Solutions

On a busy night do you wish tables could be turned faster?

Would you like your restaurant to have a higher guest check average?

Imagine the benefits if your guests could pay with a credit card right at the table!

Local Minneapolis Company Provides Quality POS Systems for Restaurants in Upper Midwest.

NCR-P1230-Display-TerminalYou have many things to worry about to keep your business running well—inventory and ordering, scheduling kitchen and wait staff, finding and training good staff, promoting and growing your business, equipment and refrigeration working, data security compliance, and so on. You can’t afford to lose money at the Point of Sale.

Exclusive Provider of Aloha NCR POS Systems in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

If you have one thriving location or many, you need solutions that help you sell more, provide stellar service, maximize profits, know your customers, and monitor server performance. Aloha—and the other supporting systems we provide and support—are the most powerful touch screens, reservation, table management, customer affinity, data security, and accounting systems available in the hospitality industry!

Explore our site and discover how you can increase your profits with a quality end-to-end Point of Sale solution!

PCI Qualified Integrator and Reseller

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