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Customer Testimonials


The Cafe Group

Cafe Group

Last year our company was offered a new software program through the Aloha system called Restaurant Guard. The owner of the company was very skeptical of the promise made by our salesman. Shaving 2 to 3 points off the bottom line sounded too good to be true. The owner passed and as the Financial Controller of the company I saw an opportunity to sell the owner on this. I asked our Aloha rep Rick to install it and collect as much data on the servers. In two weeks we were to meet and show the owner how the software could benefit the company. Well two weeks passed and Rick called and said that we had an “All Star Waitress”. The report looked back a year on this server’s activity and found that she had stolen roughly $18,000 dollars by using the Wagon Wheel scam. Over the last five years we could never figure out why the restaurant was buying so much coffee in comparison to our others. We locked up the coffee, weighed it, changed machines, etc. This scam went undetected for years.

We contacted the police and turned in the report showing every instance of theft. We also turned in the report with the insurance. Not only did we receive the check a week later, she plead guilty and was convicted. The report showed all the data. She also never was able to collect unemployment. Talk about Misconduct!!!

As of today’s date we have Restaurant Guard in all of our restaurants and sales have been up at all the locations since then. This software truly lets your staff know that you are watching and in control.

Thanks, Jim Sipprell

My Burger

My Burger

At My Burger when we opened up a second location we decided to get a new POS system. We went with Aloha and never looked back! Through the entire process their sales and support staff were quick and efficient. They have responded to our every need so far and have yet to take a significant amount of time in any inquiry we have. Since this we are attempting to integrate them into our first location and will use them in any other locations we decide to open in the future.

We at My Burger highly recommend anyone looking for POS system to consider Foremost as they will not let you down in any aspect be it price, or service!!


Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets

Our group began working with Foremost Business Systems in 2006 at our Johnny Rockets location in the Mall of America. We currently own and operate 14 Johnny Rockets located in 7 different states, along
with 2 The Original Soupman locations in 2 states, as well as Betty and Joe’s Coffee and Hot Dog Hall of Fame.

In the summer of 2009, we chose to consolidate the support of our many locations to one Aloha reseller in order that we could receive a consistent service level among all of our stores. Upon review of the
resellers we had been working with, Foremost Business Systems was our clear choice as the service provider we wanted to work with for the consolidation.

Since taking over the support of our locations, we have opened 3 new stores through Foremost. We found that the level of service and support in opening these locations was equal to what we had received and have come to expect at our existing stores. Even with a variety of food concepts located across multiple time zones, Foremost has continued to provide us with the high level of service and support that we had been receiving at our first location right in their back yard. Our store managers feel comfortable and are confident knowing that when they place a call for help that call is answered and the problem is solved in a very timely manner.

I would recommend Foremost Business Systems and the Aloha system to anyone in the industry that values a company that provides a high level of service on a daily basis.

Lloyd Sugarman
Multi-unit franchise owner



Davanni’s has been a customer of Foremost Business Systems since we installed the Aloha POS at our Woodbury and Golden Valley locations when we opened them in the summer of 2001. Starting in 2003, we upgraded the remainder of our 21 pizza shops to Aloha and use the Aloha POS at our two Coffee Bené locations.

Davanni’s has a great working relationship with Foremost. In our 10+ years of working with Lori, Leo, Jim, Cheri and all of the great support staff, I continue to be impressed with the level of service I receive.

I tend to be very “hands on” when it comes to maintaining our equipment and programming our system. One of the best parts of our relationship is that Foremost is willing to provide me with any of the resources and training I need to do things myself, and they trust me like no other company I have dealt with in the past. If I need help and support, it’s just a quick call away and I usually have the answers I need in no time. Lori and her crew are also very good at proactively contacting me when new features or bug fixes have been released that they think will help my operations. They take time to learn how we run our operation and help find solutions that fit our needs as opposed to others who suggest we change our operation to fit their solutions.

I love working with Foremost! They “get it” and know how important it is to take care of their customers.

Ed Johnson
I.T. Manager
Davanni’s Inc.

Broadway Bar and Pizza

Broadway Bar and Pizza

I have personally worked with Foremost for over 16 years on several different restaurants. I opened my first restaurant “Nature’s Hideaway” with Aloha POS systems. Since that time, I have opened numerous other restaurants such as Broadway Pizza’s, Harvest Grill that had other POS systems already in place however it doesn’t take long to realize that Aloha POS is far superior to all the other POS Systems out there. The ease of use when programming the Aloha POS System, the reports that can be generated to give you accurate and precise information is second to none. Aloha also has Restaurant Guard which protects my business from possible scams by the employees which only adds to my bottom line.

The Foremost Technical Support Team is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the Aloha Software, along with hardware support. They are very proactive in addressing my concerns before we have any issues with our equipment or software. They have a very quick turnaround time on all calls and equipment problems if and when we do have an issue. I highly recommend Foremost Business Systems and their fine staff along with the Aloha POS Software. Finally to anyone who uses another POS System you should seriously consider switching over to Foremost Business Systems and Aloha POS Software. You won’t be disappointed!

Jason Hines
Broadway Bar and Pizza
Rogers, Blaine, Coon Rapids and Plymouth
Broadway Pizza’s Website

Afton House Inn

Afton House Inn

Foremost Business Systems has serviced our company for more than a decade (since March 2000). I can’t say enough about their business and I consider them more than just a service company. I consider them a partner. We have multiple restaurants, dinner boats and a small hotel: Afton Bean Coffee Shop, Swirl Wine Club, Afton Cruise Lines, Current Restaurant and Afton House Inn. We utilize a number of products from Foremost Business Systems which includes the Aloha POS System and various add on modules such as Fasttech Accounts Receivable, Gift Card Manager, Trans Manager and Frequent Diner. We also have an unique operation with our dinner boats and because they are essentially mobile restaurants, we must import/export sales, timekeeping, inventory and other essential data through the Mobile Aloha System to the main computer located in our office and with the help of Foremost Business Systems we are able to do this seamlessly. The Aloha POS System integrates with both our Inventory Management System (Food Trak) and our Quickbooks Accounting Software which allows everything to communicate with each other and is very advantageous.

I remember the first day we got started with Foremost Business Systems, from the beginning our team received excellent training and support. The transition from our previous system to the Aloha System was about as smooth as it can get. After the transition and training we were only a phone call away from the Foremost Business Systems Help Desk, and I can attest that I have had excellent support 100% of the time. Our bookkeeper primarily now does the updating of products, prices, timekeeping and any employee information within our Aloha System, anytime she might have a question we can count on Foremost Business Systems to be there and to have an accurate and timely resolution to our questions. Other times it may be critical issues such as terminal down, power outage, transferring data or recovering data Foremost Business Systems is always there for us. We give them an A+ for their service and support. The Aloha System is in my opinion the best on the market today. We rarely have problems but when a problem does arise, the issues are taken care of very well and in a timely manner.

Thank you Lori, Leo Rick and the entire Foremost Business Systems Team, we are grateful for your partnership and dedication to excellence.

Dave Jarvis
Afton St. Croix Companies

Biella and Ravello


I have worked with Foremost Business systems for over nine years and have been very pleased with the Aloha system and corresponding NCR hardware. But, more importantly, their customer service has been stellar.

I have developed two restaurants, Biella and Ravello, and used Aloha from Foremost in both. I am constantly being approached about looking at changing POS systems and providers. So far, I have not been presented anything that would get me to switch from either my Aloha system or Foremost and therefore refuse to do so.

I highly recommend Foremost Business Systems for their professionalism and honest concern for their customer’s wellbeing. I have been and am sure you will be pleased to do business with them.

Mark Nazigian
Biella & Ravello Restaurants

Board Member
Minnesota Restaurant Association

Morrissey Hospitality

Morrissey Hospitality

“I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent service to our organization. I have to share with you a comment from Michelle Kline (our General Manager at Paradise Landing) at our Restaurant Division Meeting yesterday. She made a special point during the meeting to mention to the group of restaurant General Managers and Corporate restaurant division members that “she thinks Foremost Support is pure EXCELLENCE!” She said that you are very responsive and thorough when assisting them. Julio from Enjoy! enthusiastically agreed. I can’t think of a time when I have EVER heard such praises to any of our 3 POS vendors. In fact, if it’s mentioned at a meeting like that it is usually mentioned in a very negative way. Please share this with your team; and THANKS again! I wish we could partner for all of our properties.”

Mike King
Director of Technology
Morrissey Hospitality Companies, Inc.

Darby O’Ragen’s

Darby O'Ragen's

“As we were opening our new restaurant Darby O’Ragen’s and anticipating a high volume crowd from the nearby Target Field, we needed a point of sale system that could not only be fast and efficient, but durable and easy to use as well.  The staff from Foremost was very informative and helpful with the training and set up, and they had great attitudes when it came to asking all kinds of crazy questions.  They came on site for our opening day to assist our staff with any questions or concerns, and made the entire experience of installing and learning the Aloha point of sale system painless.”

Marci Frandsen
Front of House Manager

Wild Bill’s Sport’s Saloon

Wild Bills

“Jason and the support staff at Foremost made opening our business much easier by taking control of our P.O.S. needs from beginning to end. They were always available and more than helpful. I highly recommend Foremost and their employees to anyone opening a new business or in need of a new P.O.S. system.”

Brian K. Moe
Vice President/Operating Partner
Wild Bill’s Sport’s Saloon

Blue Ox Sandwich Factory

Blue OX

“I started out with Aloha Loyalty Program in March of 2010. I ordered 500 cards to start with, figuring that would last me a year. The first 500 cards were gone in 6 weeks. We are over 600 members now and growing every day. I think it works!”

Bill Allen
Owner, Blue Ox Sandwich Factory

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

“As a restauratuer, there are plenty of things I do to cut corners, from installing  energy-efficient light bulbs to changing from linen napkins to paper and ruthlessly watching overtime. But one thing I almost happily pay for is my Aloha POS system, which easily overshadows other POS companies in true costs. Foremost Business Systems, a sharp, lean, locally-owned company with leaders who actually answer their own telephones. They helped me realize how all-inclusive their POS system is, vs other POS companies, which nickle and dime you for add-ons and programs that should have been there in the first place. So don’t compare apples to oranges or nickels to dimes. You cannot afford for your system to be “down” or needing constant upgrades to keep up. Aloha gives you more bang for your buck, and the folks of Foremost stand right behind them with excellent support.”

Cynthia Gerdes, Owner
Hell’s Kitchen Minneapolis and Duluth

MacKenzie Pub

MacKenzie Pub

“We have had our Aloha system since January (’09) and it has been a great tool for us. It allows us to have many reports and detailed information at our fingertips.  We used another computer system for 8 years and I am not sure how we survived after using Aloha.  The staff at Foremost has been a great help for our training and set up and they continue to help us with issues and questions that have come up along the way!”

Brian & Deb MacKenzie, Owners

Craftsman Restaurant

Craftsman Restaurant

“You guys Rock!  Thank you for the great service!”

John LeJeune
Craftsman Restaurant

Downtowner Woodfire Grill

Downtowner Grill

“Your people are some of the best support people or customer service people I have ever worked with. They know Aloha, are always polite, patient, and are more than enjoyable to work with. Maybe all of your employees are like the ones I have worked with, hold onto them.”

Downtowner Woodfire Grill

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