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It Is Always Easier To Keep an Existing Customer, Then to Find a New One

Hear the Words of Your Customer thru Aloha Customer Voice

Customer Voice is a web-based customer loyalty, retention and a referral tool based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the Ultimate Question. Customer Voice exists for the sole purpose of improving your bottom line by identifying the profit impact that happy and unhappy customers have on your business. You will receive the tools you need to turn your happy customers into an unpaid sales force to help you grow your business. The tool also leverages the power of Social Media channels and uses them as a referral service.
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Have Your Best Customer Promote Your Business thru Social Media

The Net Promoter Score is a metric developed by a group of consultants at Bain and Company, over the course of a decade. They discovered that the true definition of loyalty is whether or not your customers would put their reputation on the line to recommend your business. This method is being used world-wide today. Customer Voice provides your guest with a simple survey on their dining experience based on a scale from 1 to 10. Your Promoters (those that rate either a 9 or 10) have the ability to “Spread the Word” through Social Media channels.

Did you know a recommendation from a trusted source is six times likelier to turn into a new customer and the average Facebook user has 130 friends?

Stop the Future Sales from Walking Out Your Door and Never Coming Back

Customer Voice provides you with the capability to improve your customer satisfaction and retention by giving you the opportunity to identify unhappy customers. The customers that rate their dining experience between 1-8 are considered detractors or neutral guests. With Customer Voice you can easily follow-up to resolve issues and let those guests know that you value and appreciate their business. Taking things a step further, you have the ability to track the life cycle of a particular guest. Customer Voice allows you to quantify the guests that had a negative experience that gave your business another opportunity. This tool allows you to see the future business at risk that evolved into future sales for your business.

Why Customer Voice? The Facts of Customer Retention

  • Most small businesses lose 20%-40% of their customers each year
  • It costs 5-9x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one
  • Existing customers spend more than new ones
  • Happy customers tell 4-5 people; Unhappy customers tell 8-10
  • Disappointed customers rarely tell the business directly
  • A 5% improvement in customer retention can increase profits by 25%-125%
  • Reducing customer attrition by 2% is equivalent to reducing expenses by 10%

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