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Feel Confident That No Matter Where You Are, You Can Always Manage Your Business

Pulse Real Time Revolutionizes the Way You Manage Your Restaurant

Have you ever felt uncomfortable leaving your restaurant because you could not manage and control your business in Real Time? With the Power of Pulse Real Time you can make critical business decisions no matter where you are.

Pulse Real-Time embraces the idea of delivering actionable information in real time to a user’s smartphone. It turns the data that is generated from the Aloha POS system into actionable information. Pulse Real Time allows users to instantly see every important data element about their business regardless of where they are. This powerful application even allows the user to view the guest check of a customer that just sat down or paid their bill. Users will be able to take this data and make real time decisions that will directly impact their bottom line.
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Pulse Real Time Delivers Instant Operational Measurements

Restaurants operators know that when it comes to managing expenses, every dollar impacts the bottom line. Pulse Real Time will help you manage a number of areas in your business. Some of the powerful data provided by Pulse Real Time includes:

  • Net sales by hour, day part, category, and order mode
  • Labor dollars and percentage by job code
  • Sales forecasting for the remainder of the current business day based on your businesses 4 week sales trends
  • Sales comparisons for the same day last week and same day last year
  • Comps and voids
  • Employee performance
  • Payment details
  • And many more…

Pulse, a Platform For Real Time Sales and Much More

The Pulse platform goes even further by integrating other areas of your business into a single application including:

  • A messaging platform between Pulse users and in house POS employees
  • A central dashboard for feeds from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp
  • Customer experience and feedback dashboard thru Aloha Customer Voice
  • Current day weather forecasts by hour and location which directly impact the sales forecasting
  • Real time updates for Aloha Restaurant Guard users

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