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Smart Business Owner Stops Theft in its Tracks!

According to the National Restaurant Association, a typical restaurant suffers from 3% of sales being lost to theft.

Aloha Restaurant Guard Reveals Fraud Patterns

Aloha-Restaurant-GuardWhether you have been operating a restaurant for just a week or many years, you strive to successfully run your restaurant every day. What you may be unaware of the bottom line profits you may be losing and, more importantly, how you are losing them.

The purpose of Aloha Restaurant Guard is to identify potential scam events in the restaurant and deter future theft.  It monitors employee activity through transaction patterns and statistical variances.  Each week reports are generated for employees with transactions that matched identified fraud patterns. View the Aloha Restaurant Guard PDF

Employee Performance Reports Help You Manage Your Staff Better

If you have ever tried to put together a report that would compare all of your staff and rank them from the strongest to the weakest performers it can be a very challenging task. Aloha Restaurant Guard not only monitors for the potential fraud activity, but it also provides you with an employee metrics report that compares your staff on a number of variables and ranks them for you. This report is a great way to reward your top performing employees with the best shifts and to highlight which staff might need some additional training.

Eliminate Theft, Increase Visibility in your restaurant

Aloha Restaurant Guard helps you control the theft in your restaurant and allows you to focus on what’s critical to your business – operations and guest satisfaction.

  • Minimize the total impact of potentially fraudulent behavior
  • Identify present and historical fraud
  • Deter theft from happening in the future

Prevent theft scams and put cash back in your bottom line!  Aloha Restaurant Guard allows you to monitor loss at all stations in your restaurant.

Reports track more than a dozen common scams including:

  • Transfers (“Wagon Wheel”)
  • Voids after Check Close
  • Comps after Check Close
  • Comps after Check Print
  • Over Tip Scam
  • Clear Drawer Open

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