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Restaurant Operates Smoothly with Powerful and Easy to Use POS Technology

Award winning software maximizes guest experience and restaurant profits.

Foremost Business Systems offers the complete suite of Aloha products which handles all your technology needs to make your business operate smoothly.

The Aloha software applications give you the tools needed to operate a Quick Service or a Table Service restaurant efficiently.  The Aloha POS software tightly integrates the entire restaurant system operations.

What makes Aloha different?

Ease of Use– NCR has over 100,000 installations worldwide. There are more Aloha trained servers and cashiers in the workforce than any other POS system. The first time you used an ATM did anyone show you how to use it? Aloha is developed to be that simple. If you can use an ATM, you can use Aloha.

Return to Service Model– Our return to service model far exceeds any of the competition with our emphasis on whole unit replace¬ment. NCR covers three types of failure-functional, process and wear.

Best Software Redundancy– Aloha software has the best software redundancy in the POS industry. In the event that a file server fails, a FOH terminal can assume the role of a temporary file server. The FOH also supports two forms of tolerance-master terminal and full network failure.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership– NCR’s products have a competitive acquisition cost. Due to our field services model and superior software support, we are able to provide a lower overall ongoing cost over a 5-7 year period.

Unified End-to-End Solution– You are never locked into the original solution you purchased. As your business grows and your needs change, Aloha has the products in place that allow you to add on to your original system with fully integrated solutions. Aloha’s full suite of easy to use products are everything you need in a technology solution.

Aloha Point of Sale Helps Restaurants:

  • Provide faster speed-of-service
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Create a great guest experience
  • Maintain effective controls – front and back of house
  • Enable the highest productivity throughout


Because this system contains so many easy-to-use operations, employees are more efficient and accurate, inventory and accounting is easy to manage, and mistakes and theft are greatly reduced.

Did you know… More Aloha POS Trained Servers Worldwide

With over 100,000 installations worldwide, there are more Aloha trained servers and cashiers in the workforce that any other POS system. This means less training investment for restaurant owners.

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Foremost Business Systems is located in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area of Minnesota. Foremost has been providing unified end-to-end technology solutions for the service and hospitality industries since 1963 throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We provide complete POS systems for single and multi-unit owners including customized sales, installation, training, repair, and support.