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Aloha’s Orderman Product is the Global Leader in Hand Held Solutions

Orderman Hand Held Solutions

Hand Held Solutions by Orderman Provide a Seamless Interface Into Aloha

Many restaurants are looking for solutions that help keep their staff on the floor with the guests. The Orderman hand held solutions helps your staff to manage a larger section, turn tables faster, and increase check averages. There are many benefits  from using a hand held ordering device weather your restaurant has a patio or a large dinning room.
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Not All Hand Held Products Are the Same

While many POS companies offer some type of wireless hand held solution, Orderman has a few major advantages over the competition.

More Security

You can ensure your payment transactions are processed with maximum security compared to Wi-Fi systems using  Orderman’s radio solution. Its proprietary transmission prohibits potential hackers from accessing and stealing important personal information. Other wireless systems use common network protocols, which make them susceptible to breach and require heavy security maintenance. This is because the technology to compromise it is so widely and cheaply available. With multiple credit and gift card authorizations occurring daily, your restaurant operations will be protected, and your guests will feel more secure while their payments are processed tableside.

Wi-Fi vs Radio

More Battery Life

Orderman-powered mobile devices operate using a 902 MHz-powered frequency compared to the 2.4 GHz used by Wi-Fi devices. This requires one-tenth of the power consumption of Wi-Fi, translating into 16-18 hours of continuous use compared to the four hour average battery life of conventional mobile devices. With Orderman handhelds in your restaurant, management and staff never have to worry about losing power during a shift or even a full day of operations.

More Connectivity

Lower radio frequencies are better suited for devices in motion, such as cordless phones, garage door openers, GPS systems…and the Orderman solution. Conversely, Wi-Fi networks operate more effectively with static points such as sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop computer. In the restaurant industry where servers are constantly in motion, Orderman radio provides a more efficient operating signal for mobile ordering and payment. On average, it takes a Wi-Fi device 15 seconds to re-establish a lost connection to the network. At conversation ordering speeds, this is unacceptable. An Orderman handheld can re-establish connection 3 times per second, keeping the event completely invisible to the user and most importantly, the customer.

Wi-Fi vs Orderman

More Range

Lower frequency not only means longer battery life but also more range. A typical Wi-Fi signal range is 120 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. Orderman radio transmitters cover 165 feet and 984 feet comparatively, which means there are fewer pieces of hardware to install and maintain. The 902 MHz band has greater penetrating power through most structures than the 2.4 GHz broadcast, allowing Orderman devices to go where Wi-Fi cannot. Most installations require only one Orderman access point to cover their entire location.

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