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Easy Restaurant Management of Sales, Service, and Guests

Aloha Table Service Point of Sale – comprehensive features and function.

Aloha Table Service Point of SaleYour business is fast paced, very competitive, and constantly changing.   To deliver the best product to your guests, you need the right tools and this starts with your POS system.  You may operate an independent neighborhood restaurant or a multi-unit chain of restaurants—guests expect your great service to be memorable and consistent.  The key to delivering on these expectations is having point-of-sale technology that is fast, reliable, flexible and easily managed.

Aloha Table Service empowers you to efficiently and effectively manage your business day-to-day.

You can realize more sales, better customer service, accuracy in ordering (eliminates waste), reduction of POS training for staff (most used POS in the world), and more control of your operations. With powerful and easy-to-use POS technology, you can focus on what matters most – serving your guests and growing your business.

Aloha Table Service:

  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Customizable screen & screen flow
  • Easy check splitting or item splitting
  • Menu management
  • Food cost management
  • Server/Bartender performance measurements
  • Multiple job codes and job code specific assignments
  • Per employee access levels
  • Modular design
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Security built into system
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Foremost Business Systems is located in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area of Minnesota. Foremost has been providing unified end-to-end technology solutions for the service and hospitality industries since 1963 throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We provide complete POS systems for single and multi-unit owners including customized sales, installation, training, repair, and support.