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NCR Silver Is The New Standard In iPad POS Systems

iPad POS System NCR Pro

Simple Point-of-Sale Solutions to Help Your Business

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution for small and medium sized restaurants. We at NCR, the global leader in restaurant technology, leveraged our decades of experience in the restaurant industry and built a powerful, reliable and simple-to-use POS solution to support businesses that are under-served in many ways by technology today. Designed to run on the iPad and the iPad Mini, this cost-effective, high-tech solution was specifically tailored to help businesses with simpler operations become more efficient, grow sales and increase profitability.

Consumer Transactions Using Your iPad

Taking orders and ringing up sales from this point-of-sale app is optimized for different types of venues, including table service, quick service, bars and fast casual restaurants. The important functions for restaurant operators, such as modifiers, kitchen printing, takeout and delivery, or tip distribution, are all here but simplified to get your restaurant up-and-running in no time.

Mobile Business Management, Reporting, & Dashboards

Since it’s a cloud-based POS, you can access your restaurant’s business metrics and reports securely in real-time, from any web browser. You’ll be able to step outside your business’s doors but still have access to the key data that you need to know – even from your smart phone.

Grow your business by engaging with your customers through email and social marketing

Bring a unique customer experience to life – use creative templates for social media and email marketing to increase sales and connect with your customers digitally. With the ability to track customer behavior and send personalized promotions and large scale campaigns, you’ll learn more about your customers, gain new customers and turn your repeat customers into fans.

Keep your restaurant operations up and running even if your internet connection fails

We know how important it is for you to be able to serve your customers at all times. Our fault tolerant architecture will keep all your point-of-sale terminals running even if the internet connection is down.

High Quality Technology Solutions Quickly & Easily

With a low cost of entry and quick, professional implementation support, you will be able to drive higher business performance without a long and disruptive deployment and installation process. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is easy to set up and is available as a subscription service. We know you need to focus on business growth – not on challenging technology.

Key iPad POS System Features

  • Easy, intuitive user experience
  • Optimized point of sale workflow to support a variety of different restaurant operations
  • Use your iPad as a stand-alone POS on a stand, a tableside ordering device, or as a line busting tool
  • Share orders across multiple devices
  • Easily accommodate guests with advanced check splitting capabilities including by seat, by group of seats or just an equal split
  • Create, change and update restaurant layouts in minutes with the floor plan editor
  • Update menus, prices, floor plans and other configurations instantly across multiple devices
  • Send orders directly to the kitchen and route items to the appropriate kitchen stations
  • Capture critical employee time punches with the integrated time clock support, including the ability to support multiple job codes per employee
  • Track customer purchase history, including takeout and delivery orders
  • Market to your new and loyal customers with email marketing and social media
  • Track and retain the detailed purchasing history of each customer
  • Extended warranty with next day replacement

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