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Age Verification Can Help Prevent Costly Fines

Using the We Scan ID’s program helps safeguard you and your employees; protecting your business from the costly fines and lawsuits that may result from a sale to a minor. They make age verification easier, faster and more accurate than ever, all with the simple swipe of a driver’s license. View the We Scan ID’s PDF

Ensure you are serving guests that are of the legal drinking age.

If you have ever had your business hit by a local law enforcement “Sting” operation you know the fines for serving a minor can be substantial. Not to mention the lost revenue your business will face by not being able to serve and sell alcohol for a number of days.

Foremost is an authorized reseller of We Scan ID’s, a leader in the age verification industry. By implementing their age verification system you will be able to swipe a guests driver’s license right thru your Aloha terminal, or a stand alone device at a door station, and have the system tell your staff if the guest is of legal drinking age.

Keep track of who comes into your business and keep out the people you do not want in your business.

Along with alerting your staff if a guest is old enough to be served alcohol, the We Scan ID’s product also keeps track of every guest and keeps a file on them so you can see how many times they visited your business along with the dates and times of those visits.

If you have a guest you no longer want to allow into your business, you can place a flag on the guests file so that your staff is alerted to not serve or even admit that person into your business.

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