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Network Security a Top Priority for Restaurant Operators to Achieve PCI Compliance

Network Security Services (NSS) provides service that is second to none.

Network Security Services is a new offering of products and services that goes beyond mere compliance with current data security standards by providing critical proactive management tools and a threat response network for your restaurants.

It’s not simply about your restaurant’s security, it’s about maintaining the relationships that you have developed with your customers. It’s about protecting consumer trust.

Site Shield- A managed commercial grade hardware firewall service and much more.

  • NCR separates the Payment Network from other PC’s and networks that are needed for business operations through configuring Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN’s) for other business equipment that share’s access to the internet.
  • All internet access is blocked out except for necessary ports and connections (Credit Card, or other 3rd party solution provider products for example). Free range internet browsing is removed as an option from this PC.
  • Stateful packet inspection is employed through the firewall to check for data packets which are likely to be associated with malware.
  • Intrusion detection is employed to stop a cyber criminal from multiple scans of your network, in the event they were looking to attack the firewall’s defenses.
  • Quarterly ASV scanning is provided to search for potential network weaknesses. This is a service that is required for Level 2 merchants through PCI, and recommended for Level 4 merchants.
  • NCR provides a single point of authority in the event employees or other 3rd party agents are looking to change port configurations or get access to your systems.
  • NCR provides and maintains the hardware firewall for new antivirus updates and manufacturer’s security patches.
  • In the event the firewall is damaged at no fault of the operator, or in the event it can no longer receive manufacturer security patches or antivirus updates, it is NCR’s responsibility to provide you with another commercial grade firewall that can be patched and receive antivirus updates.

Secure Access- A secure remote access tool.

  • NCR provides a two factor secured application for accessing the Aloha POS back office PC and network.
  • This tool provides the operator with alerts that show potential security issues (i.e. antivirus definitions are out of date).
  • You register your mobile phone number with NCR, which provides access to a token password whenever access to the BOH PC at the site is requested.
  • You can remotely access the BOH PC, securely transfer files or run POS level reports directly from the user interface.

Threat Defender- An ongoing monitor and network defense service.

  • Threat Defender attacks and defends against malware that finds a way past perimeter and in store physical security defenses. It encompasses all of NCR’s efforts to continually improve layered security measures within the operator’s Payment Application Network (PAN).
  • Active daily security scanning for network risks and threats, including:
    • Antivirus service not running or out of date
    • Crimeware, including RAM parsers and key loggers
    • Malware
    • Unbatched Credit Cards
    • Default Windows passwords and credentials found.
    • Insecure remote access tools detected.
    • Out of date for compliance POS Software and Operating System versions Windows Updates not automatic
  • This service includes white-listing of known “Good” processes and services, and blacklisting of processes and services that are published as having a dangerous threat level.
  • NCR employs file integrity monitoring and service and process profiling to detect unwanted changes to system files, or unknown new malwares within the Payment Application Network.
  • Threat Defender will continue to adapt to new malware threats as NCR continues its study of all processes and services that reside within the Payment Application Networks, including Department of Defense level file destruction for deleted files and information in “unallocated space”, which is scheduled for deployment within the coming months.

Network Security Services $100,000 Breach Assistance Program

  • Network Security Services includes up to $100,000 of breach protection per site.
  • Don’t jeopardize your business – protect it from the expenses that result from a suspected or actual data breach.
  • The program covers the forensic audit when a breach is suspected, card replacement costs, assessments and fines levied by card sponsors and more.